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Name:Reese Mayflower Marivic
Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:United States of America
Marivic is an extremely intelligent, talented young artist paying his way through college with every kind of art he can manage to be competent at. Whether it's making beaded jewelry, photography or painting, he works like a mad man to pay off steep college bills that would otherwise destroy him financially, and is basically stuck living in his tiny apartment until college is over and he can get a real job.

He can't hold down a normal job for a multitude of reasons: he's quiet, chronically shy, awkward, falls in love easily, and is also suffering through a multitude of mental problems he's not able or willing to get adequate help for. It's hard to figure out exactly what is wrong with him, as he's only been to the school psychologists as a child enough to learn how to forge their signatures for when he can't go to school. Sometimes, he has hallucinations that don't make any sense or hyper-awareness of every little sensation, resulting in a state of panic. Sometimes, he feels restless and can't sleep for days. Sometimes he needs energy drinks in order to make it through classes and would otherwise sleep on his feet.

Even on good days he can't sleep in a bed, and is capable of sitting around doing a single task for hours and hours on end. When not being an artist, he'll happy engage in his other hobbies: dumpster diving, watching TV aimed at toddlers, playing with toys, and playing video games. Upbeat, gentle, sweet and generally kind-hearted, Marivic is basically good but occasionally off. He's an animal lover, a lover of kid's shows, a future Education major, and without much meanness to him. His greatest desires are just to be at peace and find someone to settle down with; he enjoys the simple pleasures like an Italian soda or the leaves changing over luxury. His one weakness is his pink hair, which he doesn't ever want to give up.
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